A New Project

So, hello! Welcome to my blog.

I’m a patternmaker or “garment technician” (would you believe “apparel engineer”?) living and working in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve always loved making things and working out how to make new things, in particular anything to do with fabric; that lovely textural inspirational stuff. Which is how I suppose I’ve ended up in the job I’m in.

Making clothes has always been my hobby, but I’ve found recently that the rate at which I’m inspired to start new projects is far outstripping the rate at which I can finish them. Often I won’t start a new endevour because of the long list of ongoing projects cluttering my head. I don’t think I lack the time to complete all the projects I want to, I just don’t find the time.

And so we come to the blog. I have been thinking that this is at once a way to impose deadlines on myself, so that work gets finished – leaving time and space for new work, and a place to showcase my work, which I am proud of. I’m sure the act of putting things down here in black and white will help me clear my head and tie up all the loose ends of my inspiration.

I propose to write regularly: whenever I finish a piece of work. I’m a little scared at the prospect of saying I’ll write weekly (How could I churn out work that quickly? I have a day job!), but maybe that’s the challenge I need to set myself.

Anyway, wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “A New Project

  1. Claudia on said:

    Hi Sarah
    Wishing you all the best with the new blog. I live in Brazil and attend weekly sewing/drafting classes (here we tend to draft our own patterns), so I am really looking forward to read your posts. Good luck!

  2. Joan Harkin on said:

    I love your blog Sarah and I’m looking forward to the next installment. I’m living in Montpellier France and have just bought some stunning items from a little artisanal boutique here, you’re an inspiration to me Thanks

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